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Celebrating A New Birth

Please help me to spread the word about Twylla Carlson’s new book, “Butterfly Fields”. Thank you! #TBSU #Authors #New books

Faith, Hope & Miracles

It has been a very busy summer here, and the past month has truly been crazy! In between all the day to day life stuff, home projects and errands, I’ve had little time to work on my writing. Hopefully, that will be changing soon, as the summer is quickly coming to an end.

Several months ago, a very dear friend asked for my help in editing her book and getting it published. This book has been a long journey for Twylla, and she said she never really thought about producing it as a published work until recently. Her reasons for writing were personal to begin with, but after sharing some of what she wrote with close family and friends, she was encouraged to continue and finish it.

I felt honored to be asked for help with this endeavor, knowing well the anticipation and anxiety one feels over exposing themselves to…

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