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This is for the writers out there, from my friend, Seumas Gallacher, a talented man with a fine spirit. Though his words may be humorous, there is some valuable information here, especially for those just stepping into the world of self publishing. I wish I had known about Seumas when I wrote my first book, “Faith, Hope & Miracles”. It would have made things a lot easier.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. And please stop by Seumas’ site. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll at least be entertained! Wishing all a happy & blessed Wednesday! – Amber

Seumas Gallacher

…absent being the owner of your own currency printing machine, I offer the following synopsis for all the wannabe Croesus(es) [Croesii?] out there in quill-scribbling world…I’m presently about three-quarters of the way through the process, so forgive me if may have to revert for the final corroboration of its efficacy…and having only my own personal experience to draw on here, I’ll pitch this accordingly…my story to date:

1. Kick-off/start/genesis/beginning is …WRITIN’…

Nicking from Nike—JUST DO IT!… don’t be an ‘aspiring writer’—if you write at all, then you’re a writer—and despite nasty rumours to the contrary, it’s NOT a nefariously negative pursuit…get the stuff out, down on paper  or on the laptop…along the way, like any apprentice, emulate the writers you admire…ask for advice…the universal author/writing family is immensely generous of spirit.

2. Having written, now it’s…MARKETIN’…

As of two days ago, I’m officially an Old Age Pensioner…but…

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Unstuffed Cabbage

Many years ago I was invited to dinner at my cousin’s house. She served a dish called “Stuffed Cabbage”. I had never tried it before, but with one bite, I fell in love! I have always enjoyed Italian foods, and this particular dish was delicious.

I asked for the recipe, which my cousin was happy to share. I attempted to make it a few weeks later, and quickly discovered there was a lot more work to it than I had thought.

I’m what you might call a “lazy cook”. I prefer meals where you throw everything in one pot and call it dinner. It’s a good way to clean out the leftovers in the fridge too, only you seldom get the exact same taste twice. Still, I’ve never had any complaints about my cooking. (Maybe it’s only because I make them wait until they’re so hungry, anything would taste good.)

Well, I decided that instead of spending all that time to steam the cabbage leaves, prepare the meat mixture and roll it up in the leaves, then put it in the sauce to cook, you guessed it…I just put all of the ingredients into a crock pot and turned it on, calling it “Unstuffed Cabbage”. I let it simmer for several hours while I went about taking care of other matters, like playing with the kids.

Unstuffed Cabbage has now become one of my favorite meals, and has even been requested on occasion at our church potlucks. Of course everyone laughs when I tell them I came up with the idea because I’m a lazy cook. But it is the truth. It’s not that I mind cooking at all, I just usually have a lot of other things going on that require my attention (and I’ve burned a lot of dishes that require too much tending to).

It occurred to me recently that my recipes such as Unstuffed Cabbage, allow me to multi-task as well as save time, money, energy and space. And I really like those ideas! I’m actually thinking about creating a cookbook for other lazy cooks too. It might make a great gift item. What do you think? Any ideas for a good title? Got any suggestions for saving time or money, etc. you’d like to share? I’d love to hear your ideas!

One more quick note: In an effort to better organize my time, I’ll be updating my posts here on Wednesdays and Fridays.

And since it’s Friday, as promised (I know, I’ve missed a couple of weeks) here is this week’s #TBSU (The Blog Scratchers Union) List:











Take a look and if you see any blogs you like, please follow and share! If you have any blogs you’d like to recommend, #TBSU is free to join and easy to share. Or if you prefer, I can add your suggestions to my lists too…the more the merrier!

Have a great weekend, and God bless! – Amber

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It’s Monday morning, and I’m not feeling quite up to par. Christian and I have had a bad cold since last Wednesday, which has left me with almost no voice for the past 4 days. Christian kinda likes it that way, saying now I can’t fuss at him. 🙂

Today will be mostly spent on catching up on household chores and some arts & crafts time. We are working on making our Christmas gifts, and our projects qualify as Art in home schooling. So Christian lucked out for today with an easy school load.

As for writing, I did post pictures on our animal site, Christian’s Critters. Other than that, it’s difficult for me to put many of my thoughts down today. The book that I am currently writing is meant to be from a humorous point of view, but I’m just not feeling very humorous right now. So perhaps I’ll have to put the book on hold for now.

For my fellow authors though, I do want to share another interesting idea from my friend, Seumas Gallacher. It’s another creative way for connecting with other authors, getting to know a little something about each other. It’s kind of a game of tag for authors. Check it out and please share. Seumas has a lot of really fun and interesting ideas for helping each other in promoting our work. Click here to check out his blog: Seumas Gallacher

Well, that’s all for today. Hope everyone has a blessed day, with hearts of hope and encouragement to share with others.

Love, Peace & Blessings – Amber

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Good morning to all!

They call this the “season of sharing”. (Well, I personally think that should be a year round theme, but that’s another soapbox.) I’d like to take this opportunity to thank a new friend and fellow author for his idea about writers helping each other to expand their audiences. His name is Seumas Gallacher, and his idea is “you scratch my blog, I’ll scratch your blog”. A “union” of blog writers is being formed called “The Blog Scratchers Union” with a hashtag of #TBSU.

The idea is to spread the word about the blogs you enjoy and follow by creating a listing at the end of your posts, or in a special section of your blog if you prefer. It seems to catching on like wildfire from what I’ve seen so far.  I’ve already found several new blogs that I am now following, thanks to Seumas’ lists.

As a new and unknown author, this is a great way to make new acquaintances (and friends), to share resources and information, and get the word out there about your books and blogs. And it’s FREE! Now that’s a word we all like to hear!

So, as a part of my Christmas gift to my fellow authors (and continuing throughout the rest of the year) each Friday I will be posting my list for #TBSU. Since I am running 3 different blogs now, I will be separating my lists into categories according to the theme of each particular blog. The following are my blogs and their themes:

https://amberleaofalaska.wordpress.com  –  My personal blog, sharing a variety of thoughts, inspirations, and things about writing.

http://faithhopeandmiracles.com/ –  Sharing encouragement & hope through God’s love and truth.

http://christianscritters.com/  –  A place for sharing everything about animals.

I will be copying this post to each of the other sites as well, with the current listing at the end. If you or anyone you know has a blog, this is a great way to connect with others of similar interests, so please share!

Have a great weekend, and God bless!


Blogs to follow:











Enjoy, pass along, share if you feel like it :) 🙂



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